This is the teaching of the Stars for the Golden Age.
And it has to be an inner teaching of the Ascended Masters.

~ Elizabeth Clare Prophet

About Cosmic Quotient

Our Mission

Cosmic Quotient is a bridge of consciousness utilizing astrology to help humanity embody the universal wisdom of, “As Above, So Below.”

Cosmic Path of Initiations

Experience Cosmic Astrology in action by engaging in the Cosmic Path of Initiations™ process, a system that helps you clear and transmute fear-based patterns and moves you into higher consciousness.

CPI Facilitators

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Ready to take on the powerful Cosmic Path of Initiations process? Find an endorsed and certified facilitator here, all of whom have been important contributors to the recent developments in Cosmic Astrology.

Masters & Goddesses

The Altar Cards

It is an honor to present these all new, completely accessible renditions of the Masters and Goddesses of Cosmic Astrology. You will find some familiar names, but with entirely innovative imagery to connect to.


Items of Love

Looking for altar cards and resources to support your understanding of Cosmic Astrology? Find them here.


News & Articles

Find cutting edge writing and musings on the new consciousness of astrology and much much more.


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